Are You Ready to Let the Rebel All the Way Out?

A Northern rebel with balls.

That’s what she said. That’s what she called me. 

And in those words all I heard was…truth.

I can’t argue with my Northern roots. Lancashire born and bred. But the rebel with balls bit? That’s true too.

If I don’t want to, I won’t. Just ask my mum about that time she had to take me to nursery school naked and kicking and screaming because...I didn’t want to go.

I got lost following the crowd for a big chunk of time in the middle of my life there thinking I just had to do all this stuff everyone else was doing. But the rebel had to find her way back out eventually. And she did. That day she quit the 9-5 and said “THIS. IS. NOT. IT."

The truth is, the only reason I’m still here, over four years after leaving my job and starting a tiny little blog is because I’m a rebel with balls. And yes, I know I look like a sweet little girl barely out of her teens and I really am terribly nice, but beyond and beneath that? I’m also a person who loves a challenge and I don’t ever, ever give up. 

If it doesn’t feel right, I won’t. 

I will always take a risk over remaining comfortable. 

If I think it matters, I won’t stop.

I’m willing to go through the struggle.

Tenacious? Yes.

Failure? It’s part of the game. And I love to play.

And you know what? 

You’re a rebel with balls too. If there weren't a gutsy rebel somewhere in there who knows they can create whatever it is they want to create in the world then I know you wouldn’t be here. You read my work because there’s something in me you resonate with.

And that thing?
It’s just a person out there in the world doing it. A person with the guts and grit and courage to take a dream and go create it in the physical world. You see me here doing what I do and it touches that part inside you that knows you’re capable of the same. 

You know life is bigger, more fun, more creative, more full of possibility than you’re allowing it to be right now.

You know you’re here to create something, to change something, to touch people, to make a difference.

You know you have talents and gifts that need to be shared in a way you’re not sharing them right now.

You know you’re capable of so. much. more. And I don’t even mean more in that awful sense of more that has us all constantly grasping and striving for bigger and better when the truth is always that we can be happy now.

I mean more in the sense of you being this human being with unlimited creative potential and why wouldn’t you want to go as far as you can go with that and just see what’s possible and what you could do in the world whilst you’re here? 

You are a rebel with balls. But you have to let it out. You have to live it. Draw a line in the sand. Stop getting in your way. Stop doing the hokey cokey with one foot in and one foot out. This is about both feet in. All in.

I know you care. I know you have a message. I know how much you want to make a difference and at the same time live the life you want to live. 

And you can. But only if you’re ready to let the rebel out.

And I really do mean, all the way out.

Love and courage,


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