Are You Here to Say Yes to Life or Hide Away Forever?

Right before I left London, I had the most wonderful surprise when a book showed up at my apartment with a little note from one of the members of this community, thanking me for my daily posts and inspiration. A little while ago, he joined one of my programmes and I was so grateful to have the opportunity to get to know him better.

This man, amidst all his own doubt and fear, has launched his business - The Reset Mission -  bringing meditation to the workplace. He's doing it. He's been running classes, getting out there. DOING IT.

And last night I started reading the book he sent me - How to Be Here. And this one thing really struck me and got me thinking. This:

The space between our first and last breaths.

Our first breath as we arrive in this world, pure possibility stretching out before us. And our last breath as we depart, life as we know it now at an end.

What about the space in between?

What about all the millions of breaths you will take in between your first and last? 

In that space, all of everything is possible. It's a space of pure creation. And you get to choose. You get to decide. And what's more, you get to choose and decide every single day. And not just every day, but every breath. Every breath a new gift, a new beginning, a new opportunity to create something in this space of possibility. 

When the sun goes down on my life, I want to know I didn't hold back and went as far as I could. That I learned as much about myself as I could, pushed myself as far as I could go, stepped as far into my potential as possible and was true to my own heart, no matter where it was asking me to go.

I want to know I didn't play it safe just because I was scared of something new. I want to know I did what felt right even when what felt right didn't make sense. I want to know that I trusted the little nudges and signs about my path even when trusting was really so very difficult, because the nudges and signs seemed to be leading me away from an identity I worked so hard to create.

I want to know I made the most of the time I had. I want to know I made the most of each and every breath.

I want to know I lived in a way that contributed, somehow, to a more beautiful world.

Saying yes to the life you know you can create and the person you know you can be and the ways in which you can make a difference isn't easy. You know that the journey's going to be full of obstacles and challenges.

But what's harder than saying yes to creating that life is saying NO to that life - saying that you won't even try because you're too scared about all the things that could go wrong. 

When you say yes to your heart and the truth of who you are and creating what only you can create between your first and last breath, the challenges will be big. You'll fail, screw up and have moments when it feels like you can't go on. 

But when you say yes to the journey of the heart, you will ALWAYS go on because the journey of the heart ALWAYS gives you an unending well of resourcefulness and energy. And it gives you that because it's the journey you need to take. It's the truth of who you are what you're here to do on this planet between your first and last breaths. 

So yes, your journey will be tiring, even EXHAUSTING at times. But when you've placed your trust in your heart you will always overcome that exhaustion. You will always be given something else to help you move along. You will always find the next breath, the next action to take.

What will you do, what ARE you doing, with the space between your first and last breaths? Are you saying yes to your journey right now? Or are you saying no? Are you hiding in comfort and fear or are you placing your trust in those nudges and signs? Are you placing your trust in that thing you can't quite put your finger on that says:

You're here for something more. You're here to create. You're here to make a difference. You're here to help create a more beautiful world. You're infinite. You're limitless. You're pure possibility. 

Your breath is unfolding even now. In. Out. Life and more life and more life. 

What will you create today, tomorrow, in this LIFETIME in the space between your first and last breath?

You get to choose. You get to decide. With every breath you get to create something in this empty space of pure possibility.

Love and courage,