Snowballs and Why the Only Thing That Matters is the Action You Take

There was a time, and it really wasn't too long ago, that I was so ready to give up on everything. 

When I say give up, I don't really mean give up, because giving up on entrepreneurship would have meant going back to employment, and that's something I just knew I wouldn't do.

What I mean is that NOTHING was working and I was frustrated, miserable and increasingly desperate.

I was spending hours and hours in coaching conversations with people and yet none of those people were accepting my proposals to become clients. I left every call feeling increasingly rubbish about myself and my ability to get anywhere. Ever.

I felt as though every second of every day was spent working on and obsessing over my business and yet the results

I remember having a conversation with my coach around this time and asking, "why is nothing working?"

Every time I failed at something, he'd say, "brilliant, Leah! Keep failing!"

And during this particular conversation I remember him telling me, "I know how frustrating it is. I know how much you hate it that I keep telling you to keep on failing. But you have to keep focusing on the actions and forget about the results."

I wanted a different answer. I hated my coach at times like this. It seemed so easy for him to say from his perspective of massive success.

But I kept going anyway. Because, like I said, even though I was at my wits end, there was no alternative for me.

And then one day, just like that, things started to change. 

People I'd had conversations with months earlier came back to ask about coaching. People who'd said a big fat NO at the time. 

Opportunities started to show up through the seemingly irrelevant connections I'd been making.

Where nothing had been working before, suddenly, everything started to work.

Except it wasn't sudden at all. There's nothing that really ever happens suddenly. There's always something in the past that led to the seemingly sudden things we experience.

And in this particular case, the sudden turning of the tides was the result of my relentless action taking. My willingness to keep taking the actions even when it felt like the actions were taking me nowhere.

And this is really very important, so please listen carefully:

There seems to be an idea amongst many people these days that success should come quicker and easier than it actually does. And so when it doesn't, these people are defeated very quickly.

But entrepreneurship isn't a short term game. When you go into entrepreneurship, you have to go into it for the long haul.

  • Every time you take an action and see nothing happen, you'll need to respond with more action.
  • When you fail, you'll need to stand up and fail again.
  • Every time someone says NO, you'll need to keep asking until they say YES.

You'll need to relentlessly and tirelessly take action every single day and forget about how down you feel when it looks like nothing's happening.

Because what my coach said is true:

The only thing that matters is the action. 

Because every action you take is like you're adding a little bit of snow to that snowball. And eventually, all those actions will make the snowball so big that it'll roll on down the mountain with unbelievable speed and momentum.

And at that point, believe me, you'll look back and feel the proudest you've ever felt of yourself for not giving up. For not stopping. For trusting. For keeping faith. Because the best feeling in the world is the feeling of having been responsible for your own success through hard work and determination.

If you're going to take just one thing away from this let it be this:

Focus on the actions. Forget about the results. Don't stop. Trust. Giving up is the only mistake you can really make.

Love and courage,