A safe place to say dangerous things

Come, love, lay down the darkest corners of your mind before me
Let the stories of such heavy shame pour out in a pool at my feet
Find that in you which you think is most unforgivable
and lay it in my hands
Open the door of your heart, even just a crack
and let the words tumble out
The ones you've dared not share with any other being
Except maybe your cat
for fear that in their speaking you would be rejected for time eternal from the human race

Your words will land in the soft lap of Love
There is full acceptance here
And when you are ready and brave, raise your eyes from their heavy gaze of fear
and meet mine, ever waiting
to tell you
This is a safe place to say the most dangerous of things

Let us be still now, the dark secrets of your inner landscape shared
and breathe together until our hearts match in beat
From here, maybe you can feel, even just a little
that even though you gave me your 'worst'
you are still loved in precisely the same measure as you were before

That is to say,
in full measure
No more and no less
Because Love is either full or not at all

I do not know how to reject you, no matter how many reasons you give
Do you not see, love
that if I cast you out, I am cast out too?
And Lord knows I hate the cold

I will come to you at your slightest call
A safe place, always
for you to say
the most dangerous of things.

Love and courage,