A radically different approach to New Year

Year end.
Imaginings of new beginnings.
Vision boards, desire lists, longings, I wants.
Goals, focus, commitment, plans.

And yet
what year, ever
turned out that way?

Are we worried, maybe
that without our lists, life will give us nothing
but bad apples?
That a good life is one
we have to dream in advance?

Do we dare imagine the possibility of
And instead
submerging ourselves in the Now.

Could beauty not be found that way?
Or dreams beyond our imaginings come true?

Would life stand still if
we laid our pens down to rest a while
and took the hand of the moment
outstretched in an invitation to dance
intimate and passionate
merged and sweaty
until the clock strikes midnight
and a new year begins.

Then, perhaps, we will take up our pens again
and return to our old ways.
those fiery moments spent in tango with the moment
were enough to convince us
to keep dancing this way
the whole year through.
Moment to sweet moment
what might we find?

I guess we will never know unless
we try.

Love and courage,