7 Things I Can Tell You About the Road to Entrepreneurship

The day I handed in my notice at my corporate job in London, I never could have imagined the journey that I’d go on over the following 4+ years. I never could have imagined both how amazing it would feel at times and how utterly impossible it would feel at others.

Looking back, I want you to know this:

1. It’s going to get messy. 

Sometimes, your life and business are going to feel really, really messy. You’re going to feel like you’re getting it all wrong, that you have no clue what you’re doing and that you will never, ever figure this whole thing out.

But that messy feeling? You know what that really is, don’t you? 

It’s you throwing yourself into life, into your dreams and into the journey of your heart. If it’s not getting messy, you’re probably not going all in.

2. You’re going to doubt yourself.

You’re going to doubt your worth. You’re going to doubt what you have to offer. You’re going to feel like a fraud at times even when you know absolutely more than enough to help and serve people around you. You’re going to question your decisions and doubt this path you’ve chosen.

My advice?

Ask the people who love you to turn you back to the truth. Ask the people who love you to remind you of what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how brilliantly awesome you are. It’s impossible, at times, to see yourself as you really are so let the people who love you step in and see it for you.

I see the brilliance in others with so much clarity. I don’t always see that for myself. On those days I turn to the people I trust and have them help me see that I’m up in my head and caught in my thoughts - none of which are real. 

3. You’re going to compare.

You’re going to look around and compare your insides to everyone else’s outsides. You’re going to feel less than. You’re going to be tempted to try to be more like “them”.

Please, in these moments, if you can, remember this:

The world doesn’t need you to be more like anyone else, it needs you to show up as you.

4. You’re going to figure out that the bad days always come and go. 

Sometimes, when I’m having a bad day, I still get caught up in thinking this is just how it is. If I’m having a bad day thinking my business is completely wrong and everything is wrong and I’m just wrong, there’s a tendency in that moment to see that as the complete truth of the situation.

Then I go to bed and wake up and my attention is in a different place. And then, with that shift in attention, everything that felt like an insurmountable problem the day before now feels entirely insignificant.

So if you’re having a bad day just create some space to move through it. No need to panic or turn your life and business on its head. When you wake up the next morning, chances are, things will feel clearer.

5. You’re going to understand that there’s only one road to success

Even though you’ll have heard it a thousand times before, you’ll eventually come to realise that success boils down to this:

Being fully, totally and unapologetically you. Owning who YOU are. Owning YOUR quirks. Owning YOUR uniqueness. Owning YOUR gifts. Owning YOUR way of speaking and writing and being.

And the day you let that truth sink deep into your core, will be the day that everything starts to change. You’ll stop doing things just because you think you’re supposed to. You’ll cut out everything that doesn’t feel true and you’ll build your life and business purely around how you truly want it to look and feel. 

6. You’re going to grow in ways you can’t imagine right now

The messiness, the doubting, the comparing, the suffering, the struggle? Whilst they may not feel like it right now, eventually you’ll look back and be grateful for it all. Because it’s always the tough times that force you to turn inwards and find a deeper truth. 

Your suffering will, eventually, become your liberation.

7. It’s worth it

Over the last 4+ years I’ve struggled. I’ve doubted. I’ve suffered. I’ve compared, felt less than and been in pain. I’ve sacrificed, worried and been on the world’s highest (and lowest) emotional roller coaster.

And...it’s all been worth it. 

For the new friends I’ve made. For the inner transformation I’ve experienced. For the feeling of waking up in the morning and being ready and willing to get out of bed and get to work. For the seeing and knowing that anything is possible. 

You’re going to have tough times. Perhaps some really tough times. It will all be worth it.

From me to you today, just this:

You’re not alone in this journey. As you sit and read this today, there is, across the world, a whole community of people just like you. Free-spirited entrepreneurs dreaming and plotting and planning and overcoming all the highs and lows that this path brings. 

It’s not an easy journey, but it’s a journey worth taking a thousand times over. Because this is your life and you deserve to live it in the way that makes you feel most alive.

So take a breath, put on that beautiful smile of yours and get out there. There are people waiting for you to show up.

Love and courage,