25 Things You Didn't (and Probably Never Wanted to) Know About Me

Please forgive me, for I have sinned. I've written one of those "25 things you didn't know about me" posts. But come on, who doesn't want to know about that time I had botox injected into my...

Seriously though, I just thought it'd be nice to have some fun for a change. Who knows, maybe you'll have one of those "me too" moments and we'll become the best of friends. Or maybe not. If you do, let me know in the comments at the bottom.

1. One of my most embarrassing moments was when, about age 15, I went to a badminton club with an old heavy racket with a slippy handle. I was so nervous, and my hands were so sweaty, that during a particularly energetic swing at the shuttlecock, the racket went flying out of my hand and across the gym. I never went back. 

2. Staying on the theme of badminton, I once won a tournament at school. The prize was three tennis balls.

3. I'm the middle child of three, which probably explains a lot.

4. I once won a colouring competition at McDonald's by getting so angry that my sister's colouring in was better than mine that I scribbled Snow White's head in completely black. Either they thought I was a talented creative or were worried about what might happen if they didn't let me win.

5. I've had my driving licence since I was 18, but have still never driven on the motorway. It terrifies me.

6. I will never lose if we play Monopoly together. If I lose, you'll wish I hadn't. 

7. Thanks to my time as a member of Exeter University's elite Circus Skills club, I can juggle 3 balls and spin a plate. Alas, not at the same time.

8. I deleted almost all my photos off my computer because looking back makes me sad. 

9.. I was born in 1983 but still have a baby tooth. You figure it out.

10. My favourite method of procrastination is to pluck my leg hairs out one by one. 

11. My biggest fear is that I'll end up alone. No, wait. My biggest fear is that I have no significance whatsoever in this life. 

12. The best money I've ever spent is having my eyes lasered. Seriously, life changing. 

13. The worst money I've ever spent is having my underarms and bikini area lasered. Didn't do a damn thing. Maybe the universe knew I'd miss the plucking.

14. When I was little, I used to save all my Easter eggs until my brother and sister had finished all theirs and then bring mine out and make a point of eating them really slowly. 

15. I once had botox injected into my bottom and that was definitely not because I wanted a bigger bottom. (Pro blogging tip: never share more on the internet than you're comfortable with the whole world knowing.)

16. I'm comfortable with the whole world knowing quite a lot about me.

17. Starting a blog is the single most life changing thing I've ever done (after quitting my job). If you're considering it, don't wait another day. Start now.

18. I can't spend too long around other people or in noisy or busy locations. I like being on my own. A lot.

19. In 2012 I went to see Cantina (an impressive circus performance) for a friend's hen party at London's Wonderground in a big circus tent. During one particular act in which a lady was bending herself into the most unnatural of positions, I began to feel the familiar sensations of impending fainting. Hemmed in on all sides, I didn't know what to do. The next thing I remember is waking up on the floor by my seat. The entire show had been called to a halt and the lights had been lifted. A paramedic was sent to fetch me and as he helped me to stand and led me out of the tent, the whole place applauded. Ok, I think that was more embarrassing than the badminton incident.

20. Life started to get good at 28. It's got better and better every year since. Don't believe anyone who says school days are the best of your life. It's a lie.  

21. Something I don't like about myself: a constant need to feel special.

22. My favourite song of all time: Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror. It reminds me not to feel sorry for myself and go out and create what I want in my life.

23. In my first year of university I hit a real period of social anxiety. Walking into rooms full of people gave me something close to a panic attack. I felt so out of place so much of the time. I didn't really enjoy much of university until my fourth and final year. 

24. People always say they like my smile. Clearly they never knew me when I was younger when my two front teeth stuck out a mile and had a gap the size of the English Channel between them. Three very painful years of braces.

25. One of my happiest memories of being little is my dad making beans on toast for me at the weekend. He always cut the toast up into little squares, put just the right amount of cheese on top (i.e. a LOT) and brought it to me in bed. Spoiled.