Want to Make Your Writing More Powerful? Don't Do This.

I've slept with my teddy bear every night since I returned to London from California. I can't get used to that space where another warm body used to be. I keep reaching out for his beating heart. Oliver (my teddy) is awesome. But he doesn't have a beating heart. 

If you want to make your writing more powerful, write vulnerably.

Vulnerability = opportunity for deeper connection. Deeper connection = good. Really good.

You risk being judged and criticised and misunderstood and rejected. You risk all of that. But for the people who get it, for the people who get you, with those people you get to develop a stronger, deeper, more intimate relationship. 

So it's simple. To write more powerfully and connect more deeply (and do better business), you gotta bring the vulnerability.

But in bringing that vulnerability, there's one little trap you've gotta avoid. If you don't, you'll be draining your words of all their power.

When writing vulnerably, don't do this:

"This is a really vulnerable thing for me to share. I'm really exposing myself here. This is really tough for me, but..."

Listen, the thing about vulnerability is this:

It doesn't require a label.

It doesn't need a big neon sign showing you where it is.

It doesn't shout for attention.

It doesn't call its own name.

It doesn't do anything.

It just is.

Nice people don't need to tell you they're nice for you to know it. They just are.

Loving people don't need to tell you they're loving for you to know it. They just are.

Wise people don't need to tell you they're wise for you to know it. They just are.

And writing with vulnerability is the same. You don't need to say it. You just need to be it.


Over to you...

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  • When have you been most vulnerable (in your work or life) and what happened as a result?

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