If people knew the truth about me...

It’s not unusual for someone to say something to me like, ‘Leah, I love your honesty. Thank you.’ And I immediately cringe and shrink and feel a familiar discomfort inside, my mind scanning through the catalogue of my life - both past and present - highlighting all the ways - both large and small - in which I have not been, or feel that I am not being, honest.

The young men with an overwhelming urge to die

Is there anyone who isn't connected to one of these men? They have crossed my path with such frequency. This man has been my brother. He has been my co-worker. He has been the son of more than one of my neighbours. He has been my friend. He has been a story I've followed online. He has been my lover. He has been my neighbour. He has been the brother of my sister's school friend. He has been the brother of my lover. He has been the client of a therapist friend. Everywhere I go, this man is there.