Welcome, I'm Leah

I write about awakening, healing and following your heart. I believe we're all here for the same purpose - to know and express the Love that we are in service of the whole. That love is expressed in radically different ways according to our unique gifts and talents and I believe the whole world wins when you're free to be who you are, doing what you love.

My mantra? Let your heart lead the way.

My Story

It's funny how everything comes together in the end, isn't it?

In 2012, I left behind a traditional career in London to explore what I really wanted to do in life. I longed for the freedom to be who I was in the world, to express myself fully, and to do work that made me come alive. 

I started a blog, trained in acting, studied Reiki, volunteered on eco farms, read endlessly on personal and spiritual development, learned all manner of meditation techniques, and started my coaching business. 

I considered myself to be on a spiritual journey and there's no doubt that life was changing for the better. I had the freedom I'd always wanted and was creating my own work in the world. Yet despite everything I was reading, learning and trying to apply in my life - meditation, yoga, affirmations, journaling, cognitive behavioural therapy - I still found myself held back by many of the same cycles of self-doubt, anxiety and low-level depression. It always seemed to come back to a feeling that at my very core I was inherently wrong or bad.  

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And then in 2016, a moment of spiritual awakening changed everything. For the very first time, struggle fell away and in its place came a profound sense of peace and an absolute knowing that I was neither broken, defective or bad. I saw that my essential nature was pure peace, love and happiness.

Since that time, my journey has been one of unfolding as my way of thinking, feeling and perceiving in the world realigns itself with this new understanding of who I truly am - who we all truly are.

My work here - whether that's my free content, personal coaching, online gatherings or in person retreats - is about sharing the spiritual principles that have so radically changed my life.

I believe we are all here for the same purpose - to know and express the love that we are in service of the whole. This love has never before and will never again express itself in the way it does through you. Every single one of us is needed here.

I believe you deserve to live a joyful, peaceful and fulfilled life. And I believe the whole world wins when you're free to be who you are, doing what you love.

I'd be honoured to walk with you on this path for as long as you'd like to be here. 

Love and courage,


I dream of a more beautiful world

I dream of a world where we turn towards the news to feel uplifted. Where we swim in clean oceans. Where the only bombs are the ones filled with water from our playful youth. Where salad is wrapped in soil, not plastic. Where our most influential choose people over power. Where marketing is what we use not to make more money, but more of a difference. Where our work feels like play and we get to play every day. Where integrity is our North Star. Where no one went hungry today. Where our communities grow roots deeper than any tree. Where the trendy drug is love. And where the high lasts forever.

How do we get there?

We change the world by changing ourselves.

The world we see is a reflection of the level of consciousness currently dominating the planet. The only true and lasting solution to the local and global challenges we face is for each of us to wake up to the deeper truth of who we are - love.

As we move from fear to love, it is inevitable that the world we see will begin to reflect that new level of consciousness. It all starts with you.