hey, I'm leah

Writer, coach and explorer of the heart, my sincerest wish is for you to love yourself and live your unique life. The whole world wins when you’re free to be who you are, doing what you love.

This is my journey to Now.


Little Leah

Growing up, I guess you could say I was always someone drawn to my inner world. I was sociable, a little on the cheeky side and delighted in giving a performance, yet at the same time loved to spend hours in the quiet of my room or out by the sea, exploring and contemplating life through writing and reflection. 

I wanted to make sense of things. I wanted to understand the experiences I was going through and the never ending swirl of emotions. And I was always pulled forward by visions of what was possible.

I was also intensely sensitive to the people and world around me. At school, university and then in corporate jobs, that sensitivity often felt like a weakness, hearing repeatedly from others that I was 'too sensitive'.

It wasn't until I left my career in London in search of freedom and deeper purpose, that I began to sense that this sensitivity was one of my greatest gifts.


Speaking of leaving my 'career'...

It was June 2012 and I'd just arrived at work in Central London. As the lift doors pinged open and I walked out into the marbled 10th floor lobby, tears fell in a gentle stream down my face.

I longed for the freedom to be who I was in the world, to express myself fully, and to do work that made me come alive. Whilst I had no proof that the life I dreamed of was possible, something inside repeatedly told me, 'there has to be more than this'

Six weeks later I left that life behind and began a search that would take me to places I couldn't yet imagine.

I started a blog, trained in acting, studied Reiki, volunteered on eco farms, read endlessly on personal and spiritual development, learned all manner of meditation techniques, and started my coaching business. 

It looked as though I had everything I'd been searching for: the freedom to create my own work in the world, to live and work on my own terms and to express myself without limitation.

Yet despite all the 'work' I thought I'd done on myself, I found myself held back by the same cycles of self-doubt, anxiety and depression that had now been with me for so many years. It always seemed to come back to a feeling that at my very core who I was was inherently wrong or bad. I was never, ever enough.


Fast forward to 2016 and I'd just sold my flat in London and returned to the North West of England where I planned on catching my breath before heading off on a new adventure.  

But returning to my hometown, a place I'd spent a lifetime wanting to escape, resurfaced old pain and I could feel the obvious choice inside: run away somewhere new or stay and face whatever this was.

I knew without question that the answers I sought were spiritual and I turned first to the website Liberation Unleashed, recommended by a trusted friend. Within a matter of weeks, with the assistance of a guide, I'd seen through the illusion of the separate self and came to know my true Self.

For the very first time, struggle fell away and in its place came a profound sense of peace and an absolute knowing that I was neither broken, defective or bad. I’d always been enough, I just never knew it.

Coming full circle, it was as if all those questions I'd been exploring in my room as a little girl and throughout my life were finally answered. 

It’s been a journey of unfolding since then.

Which brings me to you and why I do what I do.

Waking up to my true Self has touched every part of my life. A lifetime of thinking there was something wrong with me and trying to 'fix' my anxiety, self-doubt and depression was replaced with a knowing of my wholeness, innocence and perfection. The struggle to find my purpose, which tore me apart for years, turned to clarity that awakening was my purpose and that from there, I was free to simply be myself and follow my heart. Relationships that had been fraught with difficulties suddenly became easier. The dark shadow of shame lifted.

More than anything, I want you to know the Love that you are and for you to embrace your unique expression of that Love in the world. We are all needed here and I believe the whole world wins when you’re free to be who you are, doing what you love.

Through being all of who I am, I hope to encourage you in every way possible to be all of who you are.

This is your greatest gift to the world.

A more beautiful world

I dream of a more beautiful world.

I dream of a world where we turn towards the news to feel uplifted. Where we swim in clean oceans. Where the only bombs are the ones filled with water from our playful youth. Where salad is wrapped in soil, not plastic. Where our most influential choose people over power. Where marketing is what we use not to make more money, but more of a difference. Where our work feels like play and we get to play every day. Where integrity is our North Star. Where no one went hungry today. Where our communities grow roots deeper than any tree. Where the trendy drug is love. And where the high lasts forever.

How do we get there?

We change the world by changing ourselves.

The world we see is a reflection of the level of consciousness currently dominating the planet. The only true and lasting solution to the local and global challenges we face is for each of us to wake up to the deeper truth of who we are - Love.

As we wake up to that truth, the world we see will begin to reflect that new level of consciousness. It all starts with you.


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