Hi, I’m Leah

Writer, poet, therapeutic coach and spiritual guide, I’m here to offer a hand to those who are drawn to explore this mysterious and precious gift of human life and spiritual freedom.

From a young age, I was drawn to spending time exploring my inner world, always asking questions and searching for answers - whether in my bedroom with a notebook and pen, or out by the sea near my childhood home.

After completing a degree in French and spending several years working in corporate jobs in London, I found myself entirely dissatisfied with what the so-called ‘real’ world had to offer.

I’d never truly known what I wanted to do in life and that question, ‘What am I here for?’ is one that seemed to be forever on my lips.

In 2012, that question led me to quit my job and set out on what would become a journey of intense seeking and, eventually, spiritual awakening.

Awakening, whilst not without its periods of (sometimes intense) challenge, is an incredible gift. I have encountered many generous and beautiful guides and friends on this journey who have offered support, comfort, and guidance. I hope that in offering what I have to give here, I can offer that support, comfort, and guidance to others too.

Our journey is unique and ours alone to take, but sometimes it is helpful to know you are not alone and to walk with someone who understands. You are welcome here for as long as you wish to stay.

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