Meet Leah

Growing up, I was always drawn to my inner world and contemplating life’s big questions. Highly sensitive, I could spend hours alone in my room or out by the sea, wondering why I was here and trying to make sense of all my thoughts and feelings.

Though I was quiet and compliant at school, my heart was spirited and rebellious, sensing that the rules and ways of the world weren't the way things were supposed to be.

I followed a relatively traditional path for a while. After graduating in French from the University of Exeter, I found myself working in corporate jobs in Central London. The money and newness of it all was exciting for a while, but I quickly started to feel hemmed in and stifled.

The thought that circled inside my head was, 'There has to be more than this.' I struggled with depression, anxiety, an intense feeling of being a 'wrong' human being and a desperation to find my purpose.

In 2012, the pain of staying where I was outweighed any fear I had about venturing into the unknown and I quit my job to embark on what would become a long journey of self-discovery.

I started a blog and immediately re-discovered a passion for writing and an ecstatic sense of freedom at being able to express myself in any way I wanted. I also travelled, worked on organic farms, trained in Reiki and acting, practised yoga, learned all kinds of meditation techniques and read endlessly on personal and spiritual development.

But by my early thirties, though I'd learned a lot and had the outer freedom I'd always longed for, I found myself coming up against many of the same cycles of depression, anxiety, and a feeling that I was rotten and unworthy at my very core. And the question of my true purpose continued to eat away at me.

In my heart, I knew the answers I sought were spiritual and so I turned deeper inwards, intensifying the search for something that could truly help. Finally, through grace, good luck, and some wonderful people, I experienced a spiritual awakening that changed (and continues to change) everything.

In that experience, I saw that we all have the same purpose - to know and express the Love that we are in service of the whole. This Love is expressed in an infinite number of ways according to our unique gifts and talents. And when we are free to be who we are, doing what we love, the whole world wins.

I live and work in the North West of England, where I was born and grew up. I am endlessly inspired by this place: the stillness of the forest, the beauty of birdsong and the endlessly changing sunsets over the Bay.

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About my artwork

I create artwork designed to stir the soul, awaken an inner flame of rebellion, bring you home to yourself and remind you of who you want to be and how you want to live your precious time on this beautiful planet.

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