the world changes when you do.


HEY, I'm Leah. welcome.

Consider this website a window into my world. If you find you like it here, stay a while. There's much to explore and it's more fun together. Mostly, it's all about Love. The unconditional kind. And how we can all become the people we were born to be, putting our unique gifts to work in the name of a more beautiful world for everyone. 

The story of how I ended up here is like a giant patchwork quilt. It's almost impossible, within the space of a few paragraphs on the internet, to share the details of what led me here. But here's a little of what feels most relevant.  

One morning in 2012, stepping out of the lift and into the lobby of my corporate job in Central London, I burst into tears. The overwhelming feeling inside was one of, 'There has to be more than this'.

I longed for the freedom to be who I was in the world, to express myself fully and unapologetically, and to do work that made me come alive.

With no real clue where I was heading, the only choice I had was to let my heart lead the way. I started a blog (and immediately re-discovered my passion for writing), trained in acting, was initiated into Reiki, travelled and volunteered on eco farms, read endless personal and spiritual development books, learned all manner of meditation techniques and started my coaching business.

I considered myself to be on a spiritual journey and there's no doubt I was changing. And yet despite everything I was reading and learning and trying to apply in my life, I still had this feeling deep inside that there was 'something more'. I found myself in many of the same cycles of self-doubt, anxiety and low-level depression.

Looking back, I see that constant feeling of there being 'something more' as the greatest gift. I think it's that way for many of us. That feeling is the call to the deeper truth of who we are and it doesn't let up until we've seen it.

For me, that time came in 2016. I was struggling with some relationships in my life and was looking for answers. Those answers, I knew, were spiritual. I returned to a resource a trusted friend had recommended a year or two earlier, the website Liberation Unleashed. It's through that website and the service they offer that I 'woke up'; seeing clearly, for the first time, through the illusion of the separate self. 

It's impossible to describe everything that has unfolded (and continues to unfold) since then, and I share more about it in various ways through this website, but it's safe to say that 'waking up' was just the beginning and there is so much to explore in this new place. What I know is that life looks a lot more beautiful to me now and perhaps most importantly...my search for that 'something more' came to an end.

I don't follow any one particular spiritual path or tradition, but draw on many sources, including A Course In Miracles and The Three Principles.

At the core of everything I do is the knowing that we're all here for the same purpose - to know and express the love that we are in service of the whole. For each of us, that love is expressed in radically different ways according to our unique gifts and talents. My commitment here is to support you in that journey toward the Truth of who you are and to help you become the person you were always born to be. 

Love and courage,



i dream of a more beautiful world.


I dream of a world where we turn towards the news to feel uplifted. Where we swim in clean oceans. Where the only bombs are the ones filled with water from our playful youth. Where salad is wrapped in soil, not plastic. Where our most influential choose people over power. Where marketing is what we use not to make more money, but more of a difference. Where our work feels like play and we get to play every day. Where integrity is our North Star. Where no one went hungry today. Where our communities grow roots deeper than any tree. Where the trendy drug is love. And where the high lasts forever.

My heart knows this world is possible. And so let our hearts lead the way. Each and every one of us has a beautiful, unique and critical part to play.


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