Hey, I'm Leah

A Northern girl with guts and soul. A rebel, I've been told. Three parts introvert, one part extrovert, I believe in big dreams and simple living. My mantra? Let your heart lead the way.

I coach, write, run online programmes and live events but no matter what label you put on it, it all comes back to this: Freedom.

I quit a corporate career in London in 2012 because of a deep sense that "there had to be more than this". I wanted the freedom to be who I was in the world. To express myself fully and unapologetically and to do work that made me come alive. I started a blog, started a coaching business and never looked back.

But the freedom of leaving my job to create a life on my own terms turned out to be only half the story.

Several years and some 'success' later, I was still seeking. I continued to be tormented by questions of my true purpose in life and perhaps most importantly, "why am I still not happy?" Cycles of deep self-doubt, depression and anxiety kept me from standing in my power and bringing my full self to the world.

Turning deeper inwards, I was gifted a period of awakening in 2016 and finally, there in that space, the questions were answered and the seeking came to an end. Freedom took on a whole new meaning and since that time, I've committed myself to looking more and more in that direction.

My mission is to help you create a life of wild freedom and my deepest desire is for you to come to know your infinite power and limitless creative potential. I believe the whole world wins when you're free to be who you are bringing your unique gifts to the planet in the way that only you can. 

Everything I create here on this site is designed to help you create your own wildly free life. Together, we dance between the spiritual and material worlds. Because true freedom is always on the inside but once you see that, you get to play in the external world in an entirely new way. 

When I'm not writing, spending time with clients, or working on some other project, I'm happiest wandering through a forest, sitting in wonder by the ocean, staring at rocks or listening to the beauty of bird song and the flutter of wings. 

You were wired for freedom and born for magic and now...it's time to fly. Let your heart lead the way. 

Love and courage,



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