you weren't born to fit the mould.

Around here, no matter which way we slice the story, it all comes back to this: Freedom.

Stitched into the very fabric of your being, you were born to breathe without borders, to do work that makes you come alive, to express yourself unapologetically and to do it all on your own terms. Soft-hearted and strong-willed, deeply feeling and fiercely committed, you’ve always been resistant to categorisation, your heart too wild to be tamed or boxed in.

As a Spiritual Life and Business Coach to big-dreaming, creative entrepreneurs who give a shit about the planet, my mission is to point you in a radically new direction. I believe the local and global challenges we face need visionary, disruptive creators like you to step fully into your power, claim your space in the world and to use your art, in whatever form that takes, to spread messages that matter.

It's time to move past the doubt, fear and cycle of roller coaster emotions that keep you stuck and playing small. Together, we move past the strategies, step-by-step systems and proven formulas for success you’ve already tried and journey into the spiritual Truth of who you are. As you come to see your infinitely powerful nature and limitless creative potential, you’ll rediscover the knowing inside that anything truly is possible.  

You were wired for freedom and born for magic and now, friend, it's time to fly. The world needs you to follow your heart.



Hey, I'm Leah.

I love listening to my parents tell the story about the time I refused to get dressed for nursery, so they delivered me there stark naked instead.

I never did like being told what to do.

So I guess it's no surprise that life in corporate London left me feeling hemmed in and stifled. I hungered for the freedom to live life on my own terms, to let my creative spirit run wild and do work that made me come alive. With nothing more than a feeling of "this can't be it", I left the corporate world in 2012 in search of something more...real.

I started a blog, travelled, volunteered on organic farms, trained in the Meisner technique in acting, was initiated into Reiki, devoured hundreds of personal and spiritual development books, started my coaching business and learned all manner of meditation techniques. 

Three parts introvert, one part extrovert, I believe in big dreams and simple living. My mantra? Let your heart lead the way. Sensitive but strong-willed, I'm a dreamer with a bias for action and choosing courage over comfort, every time. 

Through my honest writing, online classes and coaching programmes, I'm here to help you create the wildly free life and business you've always wanted.  I believe the whole world wins when you're free to be who you really are, doing work you love on your own terms. 




For (almost) daily notes written from my heart to yours.