Hello, I’m Leah

I share the world as I see and feel it - through my writing, mostly. I write about awakening, healing, sensitivity, creativity, following the call of your own heart and this beautiful, messy experience of being human.

Basically, I think we all long for the same thing. To be who we are, fully, and to share what is uniquely ours with the world. Sometimes figuring that out is tough. Really tough. I know it has been for me. I thought my differences (like super sensitivity) were defects for a long time. Then I figured out they were actually divine gifts. Wow, who knew.

That’s a lot of what I’m here for. To offer up anything that might help you see your own light, or to sit with you in the darkness until you do.

I think we’re all doing the best we can and I believe the most efficient way to change the world is to change yourself. I think the best strategy is always following your own heart (I call it Heartegy) and I’m certain life loves us all equally, no exceptions. I think life is painful, messy and delicious. It’s a package deal and we’re in it together. The (extra) good news is that one day, all your pain will become art and people will thank you, pay you, even, for all the murky mazes you once thought you would never escape.

Courage, friend. None of us stays face down forever. I think you’re pretty incredible, and you are more than welcome here.

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