Meet Leah

I was a seeker from the very beginning, though I didn’t always know it. A highly sensitive child, I was always drawn to my inner world and contemplating life’s big questions.

Though I was quiet and compliant at school, my heart was spirited and rebellious, sensing that the rules and ways of the world weren’t the way things were supposed to be.

After graduating in French from the university of Exeter, I spent several years working in corporate jobs in London, only to find myself deeply unhappy; struggling with feelings of depression, anxiety, disordered eating, an intense feeling of being a ‘wrong’ human being, and a desperation to ‘find my purpose’.

The longing for freedom and deeper meaning drew me forward and I left corporate London to embark on what would become a long journey of self-discovery. I travelled, volunteered on organic farms, trained in Reiki and acting, practised yoga, learned all kinds of meditation techniques and read endlessly on personal and spiritual development.

But by my early thirties, though I’d learned a lot and had the outer freedom I’d longed for, I found myself coming up against the same cycles of depression, anxiety, and a feeling that I was rotten and unworthy at my very core. And though I was already coaching at that time, the question of my true purpose continued to eat away at me.

I knew the answers I sought were spiritual and I turned deeper inwards, intensifying my search for something that could truly help. Finally, through grace, good luck and some wonderful people, I experienced a spiritual awakening that changed everything. The illusion of the separate self was clearly seen and I knew beyond doubt that the truth of who I was was pure Love.

For the very first time, I knew true peace, happiness and freedom. Most importantly, the feeling of being a ‘wrong’ human being left me and never returned.

The answer to the question that had driven so much of my seeking , ‘What am I here for?’, also became clear: I was here to be a source of love, healing and inspiration in the world.

It would be wrong of me to suggest that this was the end of the journey. In fact, it was only the beginning and the spiritual path is one of continuous unfolding. Spiritual awakening is a breaking down of everything you thought you knew, and with that comes some deeply challenging times, which I’ve written about in some of my poems and articles.

My work through this website and in life is to help others discover the deepest truth of who they are. This discovery is not only the key to personal peace, happiness and freedom, it’s also the key to creating a peaceful, loving and just world for all. As we wake up, so too does the world.

How i can help

private sessions

I work with clients privately as a spiritual and therapeutic coach. This work is for those in a season of struggle or healing who sense that the way I work could be helpful.

Online courses and Programmes

I love to create spaces in all sorts of different forms to facilitate healing, awakening and following the call of your own heart. To be the first to hear about new courses and programmes, subscribe here.