Let Your Heart Lead the Way

To a peaceful, joyful, and purposeful life.


welcome, I'm Leah

Writer, coach and explorer of the heart, I believe we're all here for the same purpose - to know and express the love that we are in service of the whole. This love is expressed in radically different ways according to our unique gifts and talents. I believe the whole world wins when you're free to be who you are, doing what you love.

My mantra? Let your heart lead the way.


I Write

I write about life through a spiritual lens. From emotional wellbeing, to creativity, purpose, relationships and the challenges we face on the planet today, I believe waking up to the deeper truth of who we are is essential not only for our personal success and happiness, but for the future of all of humanity. This is what it feels like to me:


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I coach

I combine spiritual understanding with deep compassion for the human experience to support my clients towards a more peaceful, joyful and purposeful experience of life.

Call it heart, soul, divine guidance, inner knowing or wisdom, there is an intelligence behind all of life, available to guide you in every moment. 

Our work together is about reconnecting you to this deep well of wisdom, helping you create and live a miraculous life.  


if i could wish just one thing

It would be for you to see and know yourself through my eyes. If you could, you would not doubt yourself for another second and you would lay to rest any thought that you are not enough. 

Through my eyes you would see the deeper truth of who you are - your light, your perfection, and your power.

I believe you have a unique and critical part to play in creating a more beautiful world for everyone. We're all needed here.

My work and this website is dedicated to providing the love, encouragement and support necessary for you to see yourself as you truly are.

Because as you change, the world changes.

17 resources for the awakening heart

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