Hey, I’m Leah

Writer, coach and explorer of the heart, I want you to love yourself and live your life.

I believe we're all here for the same purpose - to know and express the Love that we are in service of the whole. That Love is expressed in radically different ways according to our unique gifts and talents and I believe the whole world wins when you're free to be who you are, doing what you love. 

My mantra? Let your heart lead the way.


Never before and never again will life express itself in the way it does through you. Being who you are, fully and unapologetically is your greatest gift to the world. This website and my work is dedicated to reminding you of your light, your perfection and your power so that you can start loving yourself and living your true life. My forever mantra? Let your heart lead the way.


Heart Meditation

Learn to listen to (and follow) your own heart’s truth

Access this simple heart meditation to help you connect quickly to your own heart’s truth. Because your next best step always comes from within.

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