the world needs you to follow your heart.


welcome, i'm Leah

I've often been called naive, but really I'm just a girl who deeply believes in the goodness of people and the possibility of a more beautiful world for everyone.

This website is a home for the awakening heart. At the core of everything I create and offer is the knowing that we're all here for the same purpose - to know and express the love that we are in service of the whole. For each of us, that love is expressed in radically different ways according to our unique gifts and talents. My commitment here is to support you in that journey toward the Truth of who you are and to help you become the person you were always born to be.


# A Niche Called Love


Ever since I first started writing on the internet in 2012 and starting my business in 2013, finding my niche has been the single biggest headache I've encountered. I gave up, eventually. To me, Love is the start and end of everything and that is what this website is about. If anything I do speaks to you, consider it made just for you. 

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17 resources for the awakening heart

In this free download, I share 17 of my favourite resources for the awakening heart. Each and every one a resource that I've valued deeply on my journey of awakening. 

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