The world needs you to follow your heart.

Greetings, wild-hearted one

I’m Leah. A writer, poet, soul guide, teacher and explorer of the heart.

I write about spiritual awakening, emotional healing, high sensitivity, following the call of your own heart and the messy-painful-beautiful experience of being human.

I also create spaces in different forms, both online and in person to facilitate healing, awakening, and living your authentic life.

I believe we’re all here for the same purpose - to know and express the Love that we are in service of the whole. That Love is expressed in radically different ways according to our unique gifts and talents.

You are precious and needed and perfect beyond knowing!


This website is for those whose hearts are stirring with the knowledge that something more is possible. Something more for us as individuals and something more for us as a global family.

More depth, meaning, authenticity, true intimacy, connection, joy and play.

It’s for those who are finding the courage to do the confronting work of healing, knowing that to heal oneself is to heal the world.

It’s for those who find themselves unable to settle for the ‘safe’ yet soul-starving life they were sold and who are making the challenging and knotty journey to unearth (and claim) their unique gifts and to understand how those gifts can be put to work in service of the whole in a way that feels natural, energising and joyful.

It’s for those who are tired of all that is false, both within themselves and within the world. We long for everything and everyone to be more real.

It’s for those who were told that they feel too much, that their hearts are too open, and who weep for the deep suffering and pain in the world. The introverts, intuitives, artists, empaths and highly sensitive ones. My goodness, now is your time.

It’s for those who yearn to contribute to the healing of our world and who grapple every day with how to do that.

It’s for those who keep daring to ask the hard questions and those who are willing to sit in the uncomfortable space of not knowing the answers.

It’s for those who are learning, slowly slowly and day by day, to live from Love in a world filled with fear.

It’s for those making the brave choice to trust and follow their hearts, no matter how unlikely the paths they’re called to walk.

It’s for the free spirits, the quiet rebels, the rule-breakers and those reclaiming their voice and using it to say something that matters.

Together, we’re waking up and we can make a difference.