You have two choices in life: Live inside someone else's box, or create your own. If you're ready to get your hands dirty, break some rules, and start thinking for yourself, I'll help you become the Conscious Creator of a life you love. It's time to start writing your own script.    

Here on this website you'll find my writing and work bundled into three core areas:

Because spending 8+ hours a day, 5 days a week doing work that's sucking the life and soul out of you is not what you're here on this planet for. But I think you know that, right? 

Because I believe self-employment and entrepreneurship is the best route to freedom, long-term security, expressing yourself in all your quirky glory, and stepping into your true potential in this world. 


Because finding and doing work you love isn't enough. To create the deep inner peace, contentment, and happiness you really want in your life, you must learn to master your thoughts; nourish, respect and love your body, and awaken your spirit.

Linking all that I write about here is the theme of Conscious Creation.

I believe there are two ways to live: To unquestioningly follow the rules and path laid out before us, or to question and challenge the accepted norms and ultimately discover our own truth and create our own path. I prefer the latter. 

I believe...

I choose to believe, with every inch of my body and every fibre of my being, that you have something magical to contribute to the world. That something magical is the very essence of who you are. It's something no one else has. 

I also choose to believe that discovering that essence and bringing it into the world is reallllly important. 


Because I choose to believe that when your life becomes a full and total expression of who you really are, you develop a superpower to impact the world for the better.

And yes, I choose to believe that impacting the world for the better, given that none of us really know what we're doing here, is a reasonably good way to spend your life.

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