the world needs you to

follow your heart.


Hey, I'm Leah. 

An ordinary girl with an extraordinary (and often stubborn) commitment to following my heart. Full of contradictions, devoted to telling it as it is, I have much to share and little to teach.  

What I offer is the life I lead, the stories I collect along the way and the space, for those who want it, to journey for a while together.

My life purpose is two-fold. To follow my own heart with fierce courage. To encourage you to do the same. 


You. Are. Limitless.

Your work is to get out of your own way.

My work is to give you a shove in the right direction. You should know, I'm stronger than I look.



  • YOU ARE A KICK-ASS GODDESS! I'm going to admit it. You are my heroine. (The goddess kind, not the overdose-and-call-the-ambulance kind). Thank you so much for being ALL you, and reminding me everyday that's it is ok (and PREFERRED) to be all ME as well!
    — Jen Holmes | Life Coach | Massachusetts
  • I love you Leah, you are amazing! Really! To me and to many people I'm sure, you're more inspiring than Tony Robbins or others because you truly speak from the bottom of your heart, and this is something amazing. Thank you for existing, thank you for being you, you are transforming my life.
    — Omar Damak | Laughter Yoga Teacher & Life Coach | Tunisia
  • Thank you so much for being a shoulder today, and for letting me get out some of the high emotion I was dealing with. I can't tell you enough what a treasure you are. Every day, I'm grateful for the work/path you've chosen to follow. You've really changed my life, and continue to do so each time we speak.
    — Danielle Pope | Writer, Editor & Story Midwife | Victoria, B.C.
  • I know I have said this before, but I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your emails. They always seem to catch me on the days I need them most. So thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration, not just to me, but to all the others out there I am sure you inspire. Thank you.
    — Jessica Brant | Singer | Nashville, TN


We're a tribe of courageous action takers committed to following our hearts and creating a business and life on our own terms. 

We're determinedly creating our own map, charting our own course and refusing to settle for all we've been told we ought to settle for. 

Click the button below to join the tribe. I'll also send you my super slick and highly polished video (made sitting in my living room in my sports bra), punchily titled: 12 rather important things to know and do to make money online doing work you love.

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The most fun, biggest de-stresser and bestest workout all rolled in to one. Thank you Leah and all my other playmates.
— Amanda Rose | Professional Photographer | London

When I was 18, I trained as a "monitor" with The A.T.E Trust - a charity running residential summer camps for children from all walks of life. The week I spent training was one of the most powerful, transformative experiences of my life.

Play, for me, was like a direct link back to who I truly was - the person without the stories, fears and inhibitions that had accumulated over time. It brought me back to an understanding that anything was possible. 

The only problem was, I found I enjoyed playing the games way more with the other adults than the children - oops. 

That's why I now run play workshops for adults wherever I find myself in the world. They're about facing fears and returning to our natural knowing that we have infinite power within us to create everything and anything we can imagine. They're also huge amounts of fun and burn calories way better than going to gym.